Biogenics is a Respected Leader in the Engineering, Manufacturing, and Servicing of advanced instruments for the cryobiological specialty sciences and the fields of assisted reproductive technologies.

For the past twenty-five years, Biogenics has been serving the most successful in-vitro fertilization programs, bovine embryo transfer practices (IVF inclusive), Equine breeders, and other emerging technologies.   From stem cell research, to aquaculture and blood / organ cryopreservation, Biogenics is solidly positioned at the forefront of technologies yet to be fully realized.  Biogenics maintains a Scientific Advisory Board consisting of the most well-respected cryopreservation pioneers the life science and assisted reproduction academic communities recognize.   


Biogenics meticulously tests, calibrates, and performs preventative maintenance on each instrument before it is shipped, as well as when they are returned for inspection and maintenance.  Biogenics approaches design, manufacturing, and servicing with the same seriousness afforded aircraft.  We understand that these instruments must work perfectly every time, not 90 percent of the time-- because lives are at stake.

For other suppliers, these mission-critical instruments are just another page in their catalog.  At Biogenics, we are dedicated and passionate about doing one thing, and one thing very well:  We eat, breathe, and sleep precision temperature control, whether at metabolic or cryogenic temperatures.  We are a niche, boutique organization that has fought hard to bring superior technologies into the mainstream.  We don't follow.  We Lead.
Biogenics reacts with diligent alacrity to service requirements, and typically our technical staff is available 24-7, 365 days a year.