TRANSPORTER OF LIFE  - For safe, secure, and validated temperature-controlled transport of your priceless biological specimens, BioViator is your best solution.

The most advanced portable incubator

For 25 years, life science professionals worldwide have looked to BIOGENICS for cutting-edge technology in temperature control, whether in the cryobiology specialty sciences or warming devices for the laboratory.
In 2014, BIOGENICS brings you a product designed to revolutionize the transport of temperature-sensitive specimens. The BioViator. In the BIOGENICS tradition, BioViator is Latin for “life traveler” or “Life Transporter”.
BioViator Flyer final
Which is exactly what BioViator was designed to do. Transport oocytes, embryos, semen, or other biologicals in validated, complete safety. Built for economy and ease of use. Ship semen and oocytes at 38.5°C, or equine semen at 4°C. Transport supercooled straws at -6°C to a waiting embryo freezer miles away. Bioviator will inspire you to re-think traditional ways of transporting precious biologicals, and makes cooler boxes, “portable incubators” and purpose-built cold-pack equine semen containers look like relics from the past century. Which they are.
BioViator is unique in the realm of temperature-controlled shippers, passive or active, in the following ways:
  • Transports specimens at metabolic, refrigerated, or frozen temperatures without cold packs, ice, bulky containers, heat packs, or chemicals of any kind.
  • BioViator self-regulates in consideration of ambient temperature conditions by means of a solid-state, no moving parts heat extraction/infusion system, maintaining set internal temperature regardless of exterior ambient conditions.
  • World’s first and only electronically-active controlled temperature transport device that can be shipped without an oversized, insulated shipping container. This avoids “dimensional weight” charges by next-day shippers, reducing daily cost of use—the biggest single expense in operating such systems.
  • First and only active shipping device utilizing monocoque construction for light weight and near-indestructible design. Specialized “exoskeleton” combined with proprietary manufacturing process protects componentry and specimens inside.
  • Proprietary hybrid insulation material is equivalent to an EPS (“Styrofoam”) cooler having a wall thickness of 4 inches.
  • New for 2014, Proportional Integral Derivative (PID) and Pulse-Width Modulated (PWM) combined electronics provide breakthrough temperature stability accuracy of ±0.003°C. Temperature display reads out to thousandths of a degree.
  • GPS (optional) works as overlay to Google Earth images, allowing for tracking of system in real time.
  • No CFC’s or ozone-depleting chemicals or landfill by-products produced.