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BioQuad 4-Well Vented IVF Culture Dish

e new gold standard for IVF.

BioQuad is the only dish that combines these features:
• Sloping wells for ease of locating embryos and gametes
• PH equilibration of an uncovered dish while still offering the benefit of protective lid
• FDA 510K/MEA greater than 90% post 96 hours
• Convex/concave inner well for sorting or humidification
• Stackable and individually packaged

BioQuad 4-Well Vented Culture Dish reflects an innovative rethinking of the specific requirements of the assisted reproductive laboratory. The features of this dish were designed in response to the specific demands associated with handling, sorting and culturing embryos and gametes.

The dimensions of Biogenic’s BioQuad allow for a precise fit in most IVF laboratory equipment using 4-well dishes. The size is an exact fit for the MINCTM incubator.

Unique to the BioQuad 4-well vented culture dish are its radiused corners in each well which allow embryos to “roll” into the center of each well and avoid sticking into corners–because the wells have no corners. The vented lid allows for two positions indicated by molded keyways positioned 90° apart. The open position elevates the lid uniformly by 1mm allowing for gas exchange and pH equilibration and prevention of contamination when placed inside an incubator, whereas the closed position allows for secure transport across the lab.

The center well’s patent-pending convex/concave geometry creates an annular “canyon” where specimens may be sorted prior to culturing. Alternatively, this well is useful for humidification.

Tight tolerance between the skirt edge and the well bottoms ensure good thermal transfer when the dish is place upon a heated stage. Ribs on the dish lid interface with a mechanical interference fit on the skirt of another culture dish, allowing the dishes to be stacked vertically with reduced risk of spillage during transport or incubation. Each well is numbered for the purpose of tracking individual specimens.

The dishes are manufactured in the USA from 100% virgin, crystalline medical grade polystyrene. All production lots of the dish are subjected to a rigorous 72-hour optical polish process, which results in a clarity surpassing all competitive products. After sterilization by gamma irradiation they undergo a 96-hour mouse embryo assay test wherein test results are typically 99 – 100% post culture.

Dishes are supplied in case lots of 120 dishes. Each dish is individually wrapped and sterile, thus reducing the potential waste of unused dishes.